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Tackling Indonesian business certifications?

IBMC makes it straightforward. From Halal to export certifications, we guide you through every step, ensuring your business not only complies with regulations but also stands out in the market.

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Simplified Certification Process

We make complex certifications easy.

Total Compliance

Rest assured, you’ll meet all legal standards.

Boost Your Reputation

Enhance your credibility with vital certifications.

Our Expertise

Business Certification Expertise.

Guiding you in obtaining a variety of essential business certifications in Indonesia.

Ready to Elevate Your Business Status?

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What Our Client Think About Us

    Jacob Ahdoot
    Jacob Ahdoot

    Hai Creative

    "Partnering with IBMC made this process seamless. Their expertise in recruiting skilled professionals perfectly aligned with our innovative needs, significantly enhancing our team's capabilities and efficiency."

      Martin Yi
      Martin Yi


      "IBMC was key in helping us find the tech talent we needed. Their recruitment service was quick, effective, and matched us with professionals who really understand our innovative approach."

        Irvan Julian
        Irvan Julian

        FinChat Agent

        "They excelled in connecting the exceptional customer support agents from Indonesia, offering quality at a more economical cost than similar services in the US. This has been crucial in maintaining high standards."

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